Little Sand Lake

Little Sand Lake is a Recreational Development Lake located about 2 miles north of Dorset, MN in Hubbard County.

One of the cleanest and clearest lakes in Minnesota, the lake covers 409 acres and has 6.4 miles of shoreline. The lake was formed about 10,000 years ago by the receding ice age glacier that covered Minnesota. The deepest part of the lake is over 80 feet deep.

There are about 162 lake lots, and about 157 have some type of structure on the lot.

A public access is located on the east side of the lake on Glacier Drive. The access is maintained by the MN DNR and features a concrete ramp plus a couple sections of dock. While the lake does not have a public park, Zorbas cafe is located at the south end of the lake and has outdoor dining – “year around”, plus about 2 miles north of Zorbas on the east side of County 7, there is a county rest area.

The lake is normally ice covered from mid-November until mid-April and there are usually 5 to 7 ice fishing houses on the lake during Dec. – Feb depending on ice depth. Water from Mantrap, Upper & Lower Bottle, Emma, Big Sand, and Ida Lakes flows into Little Sand Lake and Little Sand Lake water flows into Lake Belle Taine.