Hello Lake Friends:

With the weather touch-and-go, we had. great turnout with more than 30 boats and watercraft! Save the date for 2023!

Check out some of the photos of the decorated boats, even a couple of flag bearers! Thanks to the Safratowich for leading the way this year!

Each year, lake owners and their guests meet in the lake near Zorbaz. The parade begins at 9 AM on July 4th. And we switch directions every other year to be sure all get to participate. We circled the lake clockwise this year. In 2023, we will circle counter-clockwise! 

Many families joined the fun from their dock – check out the coordinating outfits! We appreciate the greetings from the dock too.

Looking forward to great weather and an excellent turnout in 2023 too!


Thanks to Joel Fischer for the drone photos!