Hubbard County COLA

COLA, the Coalition of Lake Associations, is the leader in protecting Hubbard County Lakes and Rivers

“Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of our lakes and rivers, preserve the economic, recreational and natural environmental values of our shorelands and promote the responsible use of our waters and related habitats. COLA’s mission enhances, promotes and protects the interests of lakeshore property owners, lake associations, local government, the general public and future generations.”

HC COLA has resources to understand, score and restore the shoreline of lake residents. All resources are posted on the HC COLA site on the Restore your Shore page. The three shoreline programs are:

  1.  Score Your Shore 
  2.  Restore Your Shore (RYS)
  3.  Restore The Shore (RTS)

Annually, the Restore The Shore program enables lake property owners to place orders for bare root, high quality, low cost tree, berry, and shrub plants. This program is in partnership with Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District (HSWCD). Our lake association coordinator for the “Restore The Shore” Program is Wayne Swanson. Wayne has provided:

  1. The order form can be found at this link:
  2. Instructions to mail the form to Wayne with a check payable to Little Sand Lake Area Association (see email or directory for Wayne’s mailing address)
    • Trees, plants, and seeds will be available the first part of May 2024.
    • Pricing is on the order form
    • Each tree bundle is 5 trees
    • Please return your order form by Jan. 20, 2024

Thank you Wayne for being our lead for the RTS program!