The first annual boat decorating in the 4th of July Annual Boat Parade was a success!

More than 40 boats participated in the parade with waving families to those on shore or their docks.  More than a dozen families decorated their boats in grand style!  The parade started at Zorbaz and travelled the lake counter-clockwise (past the launch where the judges were stationed).  The judges were so impressed, they even had to break a tie for 3rd place and awarded an honorable mention!  Here are our winners:

1st Place:  Jeff Bjustrom & Family won a $150 gift and traveling trophy

2nd Place:  John & Denise Kisser and family won a $100 gift

3rd Place:  Rob & MaJeana Hallstrom and family won a $50 gift

Honorable Mention: John Lund and family

Big thanks to Adam Goebel and NAPA Central for sponsoring the decorating contest. 

Thank you also to Randi Herda for her support and Facebook posts.  Photos of the winners are below.  Congratulate our winners the next time you see them.  We are so glad so many families came out for the Saturday parade.  Start think about those ideas for next year’s contest!

1st Place                                     2nd Place                                         3rd Place                                   Honorable Mention